For the Christmas holidays, Intech repeats the now traditional donation to Save The Children, the NGO dedicated to helping the needy little ones across the globe.

This year, we choose to donate six baby goats and three piglets for the children of an African village, reconfirming a commitment that began years ago.

“Goats uniquely support a family’s health and help lift them out of poverty by providing nourishing, protein-rich dairy to satisfy hungry children. With multiple goats to breed, baby goats can be sold to help pay for essentials like school and medicine. Piglets, on the other hand, once grown represent an important source of food sustenance.

What’s more, these gift helps ensure that children everywhere can grow up healthy, educated and safe – ultimately, transforming the future we all share.”

Donation 2021

Dear friend,
On the occasion of the holidays, we decided to share our commitment and our work by supporting Save the Children.
Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Rise and fall of corporate philanthropy – we’re proud to stand out


There was a time, quite a long time ago, when donations and charitable activities were all the rage in the corporate world: virtuous and relatively cheap habits requiring little commitment and providing a good return in terms of reputation and taxes.

But those were the times when things were going smooth, and companies felt somehow that they had to give something back to society. Maybe before society came to present the bill.

However, now, after this prolonged period of difficulties, mourning, limitations, obstacles, losses, distrust, and selfishness, on a global, social and individual level – these are the gifts of two years of pandemic – things have changed a lot.

The enterprises, as well as people, no longer have any desire to joke: as soon as some small or large shadow has appeared on the horizon, the bland smiles of courtesy have disappeared, the purse strings have tightened and liberality and pro bono acts are not that popular anymore in the business world.

To tell the truth, at Intech, things didn’t go the same way. And, this year, we are even more proud about the management’s decision to resume year-end donations to Savethechildren: it’s not marketing nor, in times of brutal and cynical pragmatism, an “image” move. It is an act of humanity. A small generous gesture made by those who have something more towards those who have something less.

It is a small source of pride in who we are and how we are – and we wish to share it.


Wishing all those who celebrate a Merry Christmas, and happy Winter holidays to everyone!

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