Intech Store, the online store developed by Intech Automazione for phased-out and out-of-stock products becomes, starting from April the 3rd, an actual e-commerce platform – quick, efficient, and user-friendly.

intech storeThis further and drastic modification of the site’s features and interface has been implemented to make business transactions between users more lean and effective while ease and making more intuitive the usage of the tool.

With the new features of the website, it is now possible to directly purchase products in stock and ask for quotations relating to products stocked in our partners’ warehouses.

matteo artioliMatteo Artioli, Intech Store Manager, is full-time committed to interacting with our European interlocutors to stimulate the sending of lists and price lists of products in stock. There are already thousands of products, many of which already available in our warehouses, listed on Intech Store, accompanied by description and prices. And the amount of items continues to grow.

We are proud to have developed an efficient tool to optimize stocks, guaranteeing equal benefits to all the parties involved: the greater your support, the greater and more advantageous the range of items offered will be.