Smart working? Yes, we’ve tried to be as smart as possible. And to keep working.

Intech Automazione has never closed nor slowed down: as announced in last months, national authorities recognize our activities as of primary importance for the Country’s economic fabric and, therefore, we never interrupt the flow of goods and the usual commercial procedures.

The salespeople, in a smart working regime, have frequently gone the extra mile in terms of working hours in order to guarantee a sustainable workflow.

Warehouse enhancements

The warehouse workers, in compliance with all necessary safety and protection measures, never stopped coming to the facility, ensuring a seamless service and the continuity of our logistic apparatus, crucial to surviving as a successful trading company.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of these people, along with the timely resort to alternative supply channels, there have never been contractions in the goods’volumes of the company have not undergone and we have succeeded to guarantee our services to customers all over the world.

The reduced amount of staff on-site, the physical distancing measures, and the more “theoretical” approach taken to cope with the dramatic situation, also allowed us to focus on the management of internal procedures, to identify possible areas for improvement. As a result, we decided to reorganize our headquarters’ warehouse, making the most of its capacity and allowing the warehouse workers a more rational and functional workflow.


smart working

Now, Intech Automazione’s warehouse is more capacious, more organized, and more functional: able in full to cope with an ever-increasing amount of goods, both incoming and outgoing.


Voices from Intech


Stefano Ardizzone, Logistics Manager and ‘dean’ of the Intech warehouse workers commented: “We are very satisfied with this reorganization – it’s a while the volumes of work and the number of parcels have made it necessary. The speed we grow up at, also regarding the workforce, requires well-designed and smart solutions. We’re glad about the revampment of our department so that we can continue to give our contribution to the company’s success reaching our full potential“.

Smart working

Regarding the entirely new challenge of smart working, successfully overcome, sales manager Matteo Artioli summarized the opinion of the company’s salesforce and other white collars: “The more autonomous management and the increased accountability meant that we all have devoted more time and energy to address and manage customer needs (even outside the usual office hours). We have also reduced the impact on the environment (by force majeure, of course, but it is a result that makes us think). In short, a new and very functional mode: we did a road test in extraordinary conditions and it worked quite well, we hope that we could take it into consideration also to better face the ordinary.”