For Intech Automazione and the companies composing the Internet Network, recent months have seen a strengthening of internal logistics and a strategic consolidation of the supplier portfolio. Our buyers have deployed their skills and professionalism to establish new and profitable collaborations with distributors and manufacturers, strengthen existing partnerships and, in general, improve the conditions of purchase (and therefore sale) for a wide set of items and product families.

This is happening in a period in which, in light of the well-known scarcity of raw materials, along with the war, unstable global trends, and all the inconveniences, disruptions and interruptions experienced by the market in the last two years, the pricelists’ increases applied by manufacturers have been massive and constant.
And inevitable.


Overview of Chemitec sensors for water monitoring

Among the new entries in the company’s offer, there is FC Misure S.r.l., with its flagship brand Unidata. Active in developing measuring instruments for the industry for more than seventy years, FC Measurements has become part of the group of brands of which Intech is the official distributor. Unidata’s leading products are digital meters, energy counters, power and signal transducers, energy counters, relays, remote controls, and voltage transformers.

Another important addition within Intech’s line card, still in the instrumentation field – in this case for water monitoring – was Chemitec, an Italian company with the state-of-the-art offer in the sector, specializing in sensors, controllers, and analyzers.

Significant steps forward have also been made in relationship with some of the brands our company has historically dealt with, such as Johnson-Fluiten, one of the leaders in precision rotary unions. The mutual trust between our companies allows us to propose the brand’s articles for the transcoding of numerous high-level competitors, less attractive in terms of costs/deliveries or availability.


Ringspann industrial brakes

Other long-standing partners with whom we’ve strengthened our links and whose products we can be really competitive are Ringspann, on electro-hydraulic brakes, Hydac – one of our best-sellers in the hydraulic field – and API Pneumatic, a specialist in pneumatic components made in Italy.

These improvements are partly due to a renewed attention to the companies and other players based in the area, or with which Intech and its offices have contiguity: even in an era of total and wild virtualization, human interaction and direct confrontation still represent some of the most useful and effective tools for the benefit of businesses. With this in mind, we have also launched a communication campaign aimed at machine builders operating in Italy – by leveraging our ability to listen and understand the needs of our interlocutors, adapting our offer and our services to them.

Once again, these are result-oriented interlocutors with concrete and stringent needs: one of our ideal targets to pursue our aspiration to become a one-stop supplier for industries.