The Phoenix Contact Academy, an internal organization of the company dedicated to training on various issues related to industrial activities, recently enriched its offer with a series of new webinars, every two weeks.

The choice of creating an online training offer aimed at industry professionals has been greeted with interest and participation, particularly in a year that saw the “virtualization” of almost all the activities due to the pandemic-related restrictions.

The webinars organized by Phoenix focus on topics of crucial importance and constantly evolving, in particular safety, with a strong focus on risk analysis and the new Machinery Directive; industrial networking; management of Ethernet networks and power supply of industrial equipment, with an in-depth look at coping with over voltages.

Of course, an in-depth look will be dedicated to training on PLCNext, the platform launched by phoenix contact in the first months of 2020.






Visit Phoenix Contact Academy’s Webinar Schedule (in Italian)