Business trip time!
With summer 2021, almost the entire world is slowly coming back to life
. This means cautiously resuming travel and direct interaction.

To resume in fact, with due care, seeing each other in person, talking to each other, and – hopefully – understanding each other.

In our work, we know how important this is and how it enables us to create solid, fruitful relationships based on trust. For this reason, our entire sales team is looking forward to getting back to its travels, meeting customers and partners, and reaffirming its physical presence, even if in a world relentlessly geared towards virtual relations.

The first of these trips will then be in Africa: from 5 to 8 July 2021, our colleague Tamufor Kingsly, Area Sales Manager for South-Saharan Africa, will attend the Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition (NOG 2021) in Abuja. In its twentieth edition, the event is indeed a worldwide must-attend for sector operators and represents a meeting point for commercial and industrial professionals, institutional interlocutors, and decision-makers.

business trip

Afterward, in the following weeks, Mr. Tamufor will travel around the country for a series of strategic meetings and visits to the company’s business partners, after which he will move to Cameroon, where he will stay for a few weeks.

Therefore, trade fair participants and industry and business professionals based in West Africa who are interested in learning more about our company’s offerings, would like more information about our activities, pricing, and products, or would like to discuss potential collaboration opportunities, can contact Mr. Tamufor directly at and arrange a meeting.