Stock up before the cold – it doesn’t just apply to food.stock up

As much as we don’t like it, we have to remind our customers, partners, and passers-by that winter is coming.

And with it, consequently, adjustments and increases. Let’s face the future with the back covered and an advantage over the competition.

Statistically, every year we’re well-prepared to face and “absorb” increases that are regular and physiological. However, the ones that are emerging recently are extraordinary inconveniences attributable to the raw materials crisis. As well as the expected increase in fuel prices, in this part of the world.

These increases will flank and aggravate the state of supplies, which are already suffering delays on a global level.

Therefore, it may be wise to stock up a bit by purchasing stock of “bulletproof” products – I.e. Devices and components from well-known brands, that sell out all the time – to stock them by taking advantage of the best conditions still available.

At Intech, we currently have several offers in place to stimulate these forward-looking purchases.

On the one hand, the widest discount program ever implemented by our company, involving 140 brands. On the other, the Intech Store’s bargain inventory. Some of the most familiar codes, in stock and at frighteningly low prices.

Via Intech store, you can buy whole product batches, sometimes discontinued and difficult-to-find codes, at sale prices and tight delivery times.

While taking advantage of discounts in force until the end of the year, you can buy any amount of new products at extraordinarily – and perhaps unrepeatably – low prices.

Not the usual end-of-year discounts