For several years now, our company has chosen to replace traditional Christmas gifts with donations to Savethechildren, one of the world’s most influential and virtuous non-profit organizations.

We trust that our customers, professionals like ourselves, can understand and share our choice. We know the common denominators that unite us are of various natures – professional first and foremost, of course – but the one that stands above them all is the most important, humanity.

This may sound trivial, but one of our cornerstones is that those who have more must, whenever possible, help those who have less or are in need. Among the categories of people most in need, children are at the top of our priorities – we are sure the reasons don’t even need to be explained.

In past years, we have contributed to Savethechildren’s activities across the globe with donations of various kinds: therapeutic food, school desks, and even baby goats (useful sources of livelihood for children in many African villages).

This year, beset by wars, commodities’ price rises, and emergencies of various kinds, we have chosen to donate food supplies. With the hope of being able to help provide a tangible and effective response to equally tangible and pressing needs.

savethechildren_intech donation 2023

Proud of having contributed, even if in a small way, to the well-being of those most in need,


We wish those who celebrate it a merry Christmas and everyone a joyful and prosperous 2023.


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