In our communication, aware of the needs and dynamics of the market, we have always stressed our strengths – the unlimited variety of brands and products and the unbeatable prices, our procurement capacity on a global scale, and a worldwide network of partners.

However, there are other distinctive and unique aspects of the services we offer that represent a strong plus for our clients.

We are talking about our approach to payments and deliveries, which features maximum flexibility.

Intech services





As far as payments are concerned, we know very well the different needs related to business types, geographical location, purchased items, etc., so we offer the widest range of possibilities, both in terms of timing and of platforms and currencies: letters of credit, cash against documents, cash on delivery; countless support banks all over the world, payments in local currencies…

The same applies to logistics.
We deal with wholesalers, distributors, single-brand resellers, system integrators, and end-users – we know that requests for packages and shipments can be incredibly diverse and detailed (sometimes bizarre, as well). So we make custom packing lists, single or consolidated pallet shipments, custom or anonymous packaging. In addition, each of the companies that make up the Intech Network has its own warehouse, allowing us to guarantee the efficiency and sustainability of shipments to almost any part of the world.

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