B4 Network, the B2B social platform developed by Intech in the early 2000s, has been permanently discontinued.

Crucial in conveying the internationalization of the company and its success, the tool has now become obsolete and, in the wake of the dynamism that characterizes the company – now also heading a commercial Network – we have chosen to focus on new tools, more adequate to the changes of scenario and suitable to our procedures.

The creation of the platform conceived by Paolo Pirota, which rested on a solid and articulated telematics structure, has gathered success and consensus over the years, offering for the first time to industrial automation professionals a dedicated social media, where to publish offers and requests addressed to an audience of international interlocutors.
This success was in turn the spur for Pirota to decide to focus the company’s entire business on foreign countries and business interlocutors of any size and scope, without prejudice or snootiness.

A daring and revolutionary tool, B4 enabled Intech Automazione to pursue its mission (still valid today, more than ever) focused on internationalization and networking, and in the test of time the formula has proven effective – just look at the number of similar services and portals that have sprung up in recent years, to which a large part of B2B business procedures have moved! Unlike B4, however, these businesses are exclusively telematic platforms and devote their entire staff to selling online space: we do something else and want to continue to do something else.

Intech Network has progressively taken another path and has chosen to allocate its resources differently: in the pride of having pioneered the development of a B2B social media for industrial automation, Intech is indeed aware of its strengths and competitive advantages, first and foremost the human component and flexibility in handling requests-obviously hampered by too “automated” (funny, isn’t it?) procedures.
So, we salute B4 Network with all honors: it has given us a lot and taught us useful lessons.

Now, true to our approach, we look beyond, always ahead.


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