Robotics is a branch of engineering focused on the development of programmable machines – robots – that can perform a series of tasks on behalf of human beings. Robots can be used for any purposes: industrial robots are employed for manufacturing and they typically move on two or more axis.

There are different kinds of industrial robots – in our business we focus on four main categories: Cartesian robots, SCARA, parallel and pick-and-place robots.  Besides these machines, we sell accessories and components for robotics.

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Covid-19 in Northern Italy – so glad to see YuMi

New application – with enormous social utility – for the collaborative robot developed by ABB: the multifunction device has been programmed to support medical personnel by automating part of the screening process of serological tests for Covid in the city of Milan.

Intelligent robots for e-commerce – agreement between ABB and Covariant

ABB and Covariant, a US startup specialized in A.I., have recently announced a new partnership aimed at developing robotic solutions equipped with artificial intelligence intended for the autonomous management of e-commerce distribution procedures. The two companies...

FANUC – new agreement with BMW

The Japanese company Fanuc, leader in the production of industrial robots, has recently signed an agreement with the BMW Group, German automotive giant, for the supply of 3,500 robots intended for the new company's vehicles production lines. The agreement includes the...

Fanuc CNCs – New leap forward

New A.I. features for the numerical control devices developed by the Japanese corporation specialized in industrial automation. Alongside these features, newly introduced or subject to upgrades, the latest generation of Fanuc cncs boasts improvements in the iHmi user interface, an increasing simplicity in programming and the integration of the latest processors in the control units.

Collaborative robots, FANUC’s new leap forward

During the MWC 2019, Fanuc and the Italian companies Exprivia | Italtel and Cisco presented the outcome of their partnership: the cobot FANUC CR-4iA.

A night at the opera with ABB and Andrea Bocelli

The concert took place on September 12 in Pisa, at the Verdi Theater, as part of the first Robotics Festival, and saw the ultra-clever Swiss-made device taking the center stage replacing the conductor during three of the arias performed (including the famous “La Donna è Mobile” from Verdi’s Rigoletto).

Fanuc, new Logistics hub in the heart of Europe

Besides the distribution, the new site will also be the reference point for the customization activities, adapting machines to the specific needs of European customers, without further steps at the national branches.

Diversity&Inclusion 4.0: let’s welcome our new robotic co-workers

At the beginning of June 2017, Yaskawa has launched the new collaborative robot MOTOMAN-HC10 onto the market. Effective and labor-saving (and fully compliant with the laws of robotics), this evolution of the MOTOMAN industrial robots line marks a milestone for Yaskawa as well as the entire industrial sector.

Yaskawa keeps expanding

The Japanese Group keeps pursuing its growth strategy through a series of new partnerships, investments and structural enhancements.

Robotics – new Slovenian plant for Yaskawa

The Japanese company announced to be about to open a new factory, dedicated to the manufacturing of industrial robots, in Kočevje (Southern Slovenia)