Products in stock?
Intech’s way of working is marked by elasticity and adaptability: we have always chosen to work according to requests to be more performant and responsive, and we have always preferred not to overburden our warehouses – which already handle endless volumes of goods on a daily basis – with stocks of products purchased in advance.

products in stockThe last few years, however, have been characterized by significant availability and supply issues.
Those are due to the so-called raw materials crisis and several other reasons, not always justified and unintentional but always very real – and there are now few in the world who can guarantee certain delivery times.

That’s why we have chosen to combine traditional “reactive” sales with the handling of vast product inventories from the most in-demand and/or hard-to-find brands so that we can promptly address a large volume of requests while managing to maintain sure delivery schedules.

This strategy is proving successful, as the passage of these goods through our warehouses is often very rapid and several items from many brands and product families have an almost uninterrupted circulation and, therefore, demand.
So much so that we are committed to renewing stocks at a fast pace.

Among the brands we currently stock are Siemens, MP Filtri, Hengst Rexroth, and a large number of tools, instrumentation, electronics, and hydraulic brands. A list – not exhaustive – of brands, part numbers, and product availability at the following link: