portfolioThe success of a company necessarily implies constant growth, in terms of sales volume, portfolio, turnover, services, resources. Quality or quantity, or both. In the economic environment we’ve created over the past two centuries, in fact, a business that doesn’t grow from year to year is, de facto, at a loss.

It’s a lesson that we at Intech have never forgotten and that we are constantly implementing indeed. The goal of course has never been survival or maintaining the status quo. We know, in fact, that the only sustainable goals in our business are success and constant improvement.bulky goods icon

That’s why we are constantly exploring new sectors and services. We do it by listening to our stakeholders, as well as trying to identify unmet needs and areas for improvement.

Therefore, the latest upgrades have been implemented in this sense and are very “concrete”. We have in fact strengthened our logistics organization and warehouse management. We did so in order to include in our offer the bulkiest items and an endless range of cables and wires of all kinds and sizes.cables icon

The dedicated pages of our website list the brands with which we have inaugurated our portfolio of cables and oversized items. Naturally, it was superfluous to include many of the brands whose regular-sized items we have always sold. However, the list is destined to expand and become more and more “targeted”, according to the requests we’ll receive.

For example, among the new products and items we’re dealing with: hydraulic and pneumatic presses and pumps, industrial silos and generators, tanks, lubrication systems, and air conditioning systems, motors of various types, and tires of all sizes, as well as many kinds of power cables, automation cables, connection cables, optical cables; low and medium voltage, etc.