In early January, Phoenix Contact launched a new software store for its open PLCnext control platform.

The new tool represents an important innovation, strongly oriented to networking and towards the involvement of talented developers and operators.

The store offers software applications with which the user can add new technical features to his PLCnext Control controller. In-depth programming skills could now be not so essential and the creation of some applications could be easier with the proposed software solutions.

An extremely interesting and ‘differentiating’ feature is that the store allows Phoenix Contact, but also to third-party developers, to offer their developed applications for sale. This makes the store an appealing working tool, not only for PLC users, but also for software traders.

The simplicity of access to software apps and the reduced programming effort speed up the development of applications. The dynamic growth of the app offer allows industry professionals to create innovative solutions and to increase the versatility and the possible usages of automation solutions.


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