Intech 2 continues to grow, reflecting the dynamism and the potential of the area in which it is located and its markets. The Bulgarian company, part of the Intech Network, has recently added a new resource, Stanislava Nedeva, who will be dedicated to the expansion of the customer portfolio and sales activities by telephone.

Intech 2 new sales agentThis manner, rather traditional, has been chosen to recover the “human” aspects that are progressively being lost in the normal commercial procedures (an aspect exponentiated in 2020 by the various lockdowns and the absence of fair events), as well as to strengthen the trust and increase the exchanges between the Intech Network and the numerous interlocutors met in thirty years of activity.

The new role represents the first stage of an exploratory path, a partial return to origins aimed at restoring importance to relationships between people (the human touch which continues to be a crucial and discriminating element for business success) and leverage the strengths of a company that focuses on the personal skills of its teams’ members.

Stanislava Nedeva is of Bulgarian nationality, has proficiency in English, and, despite her young age, a solid experience in business and customer relations.

We welcome our new colleague and wish her good luck!