In order to better serve customers and stakeholders located worldwide, Intech Automazione has been developing through the years an effective network of trading partners and affiliated companies.

Independent enterprises, which conduct their businesses autonomously and are willing to offer commercial and logistic support to Intech Automazione, while providing the customers located in the country with valuable language support (which has always been one of the strengths of Intech, entirely devoted to multilingualism and composed of people from all over the world.

For a few years, Intech Automazione is present in South Korea – one of the most advanced markets and yet difficult to effectively penetrate. For some time, the company has looked for trustworthy and authoritative partners to support and promote its offer.

Now this partner has been found in Saemo Co., an authoritative distributor of products and components for the industry based in Seoul.
Therefore, from today on, when our Korean interlocutors will address the contact reference on the website – the online resource developed by Intech Automazione for a Korean-speaking audience – they will be able to rely on the expertise and the on-site support of Saemo professionals.

하는 일마다 성공하길 바래!