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Below, an excerpt from the editorial signed by the management.



Needless to say, during these long months many things have happened: winter saw a succession of alarming announcements and the looming of an ever-closer threat, making way for a catastrophic spring, in terms of health and social impact.


Perhaps, we haven’t gotten out of it yet: the virus continues to roam the world and we have to keep coming to terms with it. It won’t be possible to revert to old habits so easily, but something that became evident from the very beginning of the pandemic was the need to establish a ‘new normalcy’, to responsibly and actively face the current contingency without being paralyzed or slowed down by fear or by the – necessary – restrictive measures.


Business as usual, this is the motto we made ours since the very beginning of the pandemic.


We have secured the company, have protected employees as well as third parties, and, for the whole duration of the lockdown required by local authorities, most of our staff operated in smart working.


However, we have never, not even for a minute, stopped looking at the future with confidence, while enhancing our commitment to face all the challenges – short-and long-term – in the most effective way.


We continued our work, focusing attention on the specific needs and requests of our interlocutors in this very particular period.
We have expanded our offering to include medical and sanitation devices, to meet the most urgent requests from all over the world, and we have activated our alternative supply channels to get products to each country promptly.


Without being cynical, but with a good dose of realism and in light of our consummate market practice, we know that every crisis brings new opportunities for those who have the audacity and the clarity of mind to seize them.

Our tenacity has been rewarded and we are proud to confirm that our constant growth trend has never interrupted, not even in these dramatic months.


Months that also allowed us to review and redefine resources, assets, and procedures: from the launch of the new Intech Network website -which brings together all the information and tools related to the various companies composing the Intech galaxy – to the reorganization of the warehouse; from the expansion of the product portfolio to the enhancement of workforce and offices for foreign subsidiaries.