donationThis Winter, Intech Automazione contributed with a donation to the activities of the Ceylon Project International Foundation; a Bulgarian non-profit organization that works to help the neediest children, focusing mainly on schools and educational facilities in Sri Lanka, where children, teachers, and parents are most at risk and deprived.

The donation made by Intech was used to purchase sports equipment for elementary school children, as well as stationery and school supplies for the country’s less affluent children.

Intech Automazione has always had a strong international vocation, it’s in our DNA: our sales team includes people coming from the four corners of the world and, for about 25 years, our customer base is located all over the world.

ceresa intech

Giuseppe Ceresa, CEO and patron of the Network’s CSR activities

In recent years, to address more and more effectively the different needs, we created the Intech network and established a set of new companies, physically located in strategic countries like Bulgaria, Malaysia, UAE, and the USA.

Each of these companies reflects within itself the vocation of Intech Automazione, embracing the whole world with the eyes.

Among the various components of the Intech Network, the Bulgarian firm Intech 2 is the most solid. With about five years of track record, the company is in fact an established reality and an active part of the economic fabric of the country. As such, it is a socially responsible and active player.

That’s why, in a complex historical period for everyone, in which the difficulties experienced by countries not yet fully developed are only increasing, the company’s top management has chosen to make its presence felt with solidarity activities and donations, following what is now a tradition for Intech Automazione.

However, this donation is only the last of a long series, which has seen Intech support non-profit organizations operating at an international level, such as Save the Children, or smaller organizations operating within the territory.


Intech’s donation for Ceylon – Gallery


Link to the Ceylon Project International Foundation official website