Intech 5 is the US-made company of the Intech Network. With its main organizational and administrative structure located in the residential township of Boonton, and a logistics office in Pine Brook (both in Morris County, New Jersey), since 2019, Intech 5 has been performing the dual function of interface for US customers – with an offering consisting mainly of items by European brands – and supplier of US-made brands to Intech’s stakeholders in the rest of the world.

After a year spent building a customer base and getting acquainted with the peculiar procedures and requirements that mark out a complex and structured market such as North America, the company began to operate at full capacity, soon gaining an experienced and efficient local team.

For some time, however, the specificity of processes and regulatory constraints have proven to be a boundary for the functional interaction between the headquarters and the partner company, slowing down the timing of deliveries and orders and impacting customer satisfaction and sales volumes.

In 2022, Intech’s management decided to ‘fix this bug’ by introducing a dedicated figure who works in the Italian headquarters and acts as an interface in commercial procedures – inbound and outbound – involving the US company.

Sofia Gonzalez – a new dedicated coordinator for US business

new dedicated coordinator for US businessThis role went to Sofia Gonzalez, an experienced sales manager with in-depth knowledge of the US market and the country in general, who has now joined Intech 5’s traditional commercial activities with order management, including after-sales consulting and overall customer support.

Sofia, Colombian by birth, speaks native English (as well as Spanish and Italian) and has been building a customer base in the Americas for several years now, particularly on the Atlantic coast of North and Central America. Her skills, including her strong problem-solving approach, enabled her to streamline Intech 5’s business in just a few months, and to a significant extent.

Intech 5’s core business is confirmed to be the sale of small- to medium-sized US brands of excellence, for which it can leverage preferential purchasing conditions, along with the distribution within the US of some of the most popular European automation brands, on which the Intech organization has always guarantee exclusive sourcing and pricing.

For enquiries regarding intech 5, the contact email of Ms. Gonzalez is