Our team of buyers works constantly to get the best conditions on the brands we deal with. Equally important, they are researching new brands.
On the one hand, they look for quality alternatives for the most requested products. The goal is to avoid shortages and to better face potential rises in prices.
On the other hand, they explore the world of small and medium manufacturers to identify interesting brands and products at competitive prices. On a national and global level.

Furthermore, they have been deepening their technical and product knowledge, to expand our offer to new product families, functionalities and sectors.

Recently, these efforts led to the inclusion of two new premium brands in our offer. Wachendorff and Cy.Pag, professionals in electronics and hydraulics, respectively.

new brands



Wachendorff is a German manufacturer specialized in designing and developing a range of encoders and other engineering products. High-quality items that compete on a par with those of other, more renowned automation behemoths. Being sometimes even more cost-effective

 new brands

Cy.Pag is an Italian company* active in the design and development of hydraulic cylinders, with a strong focus on innovation, efficiency, and reliability.  Essential in a very wide range of industrial activities, Cy.Pag hydraulic cylinders respect the highest quality standards.
Furthermore, the manufacturer developed them with special consideration for the impact on the environment.

*and we truly cannot hide our pride in promoting national excellence



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