In the year of the 30th anniversary of Intech Automazione, we decided to take stock of what has been achieved so far.Starting from what we’ve always – rightfully – called a multibrand offer.

Alongside the financial results, which confirm once again that we have taken the right path, there are figures that perhaps we have not taken into due consideration, and which represent a crucial voice in the success of our company.

We are talking about the number of ‘lesser known’ brands within our offer: thousands and thousands of small or medium-sized manufacturers with whom we have come into contact after having expanded our offer to sectors adjacent to the pure industrial automation.

Brands that, along with the top players in the industry, allow us to have a really unlimited range of products, devices and components.

These manufacturers, often highly specialized and true niches of excellence, allow us to always have alternative items to be proposed alongside the traditional best-sellers: products at prices more advantageous, more readily available or characterized by specific and unique performance.

We can not list them all, nor add all the logos on our website’s dedicated pages: we added about 2,100 new brands to our offer in 2018 only. Among these brands:

VEAB, behr Labor-Technik, AUXIND, Apac, LAETUS, Schmalenberger, Pinet, BIO-UV, Hutek, GLUAL, InterSystems, Cevat, CP Pumpen, and many, MANY more …

Our purchasing team has done a terrific job and our multilingual sales team is tenaciously exploiting this strong advantage, creating a truly unlimited offer of products for the industry.

Ask us what you want: it is almost certain that we have it at the most advantageous prices!

multibrand offer

We trust you will find your cup of tea