The Japanese electronic giant Mitsubishi Electric announced a few days ago the adoption, as of 9 November, of the slogan ‘Automating the World’ for its global Factory Automation Systems business.

The choice highlights a clear trend in the Group’s strategy and approach, which aims for an increasingly widespread diffusion of automation, leveraging the integration of advanced technologies, know-how, and experience, as an aid to the improvement and progress of society.

The slogan was born after gathering moods, insights, and suggestions from the Group’s stakeholders all over the world, particularly in China, where the slogan’s declination sees the addition of the phrase 自在菱活 (a homophone of the expression meaning “flexible & comfortable” – zizai linghuo – but with the use of the character 菱, present in the brand name) to better identify the spirit of offering added value for people, as well as the brand’s name.

Automating the world

Mitsubishi has long been committed to adapting the various facets of its activities and offerings to the needs and demands of the contemporary world – increased work efficiency, decarbonization, and digitalization – without ever neglecting a yearning for constant progress and improvement. The Group’s medium-term objective is to develop increasingly intelligent and efficient process automation solutions enabling the company’s stakeholders to progressively adapt their businesses to changing manufacturing requirements.

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