Not just deliveries


In logistics – a crucial area for a business like ours and our sector as a whole – we strive to adopt the same approach our partners are accustomed to (and request us), featuring flexibility and elasticity.

That’s why we offer customized shipments and a wide range of diversified services for the shipment of goods, to satisfy an extremely heterogeneous target in terms of size, location, and type of business, with different needs, priorities, and procedures for the management of handling and storage of goods.

Single pallet shipment

Single pallet weight up to 300 kg

Personalized packing list

Option to have differentiated
and customised packing lists

Consolidated shipment

All advantages of combining heavy goods with light goods, to achieve exactly the weight/volume ratio charged by the carrier

Multi warehouse

Shipments from our warehouses in Italy/USA/UAE/ Bulgaria/ Malaysia to speed up and optimise orders and shipments.



Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any special delivery requirements, specifying your order/request reference

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