The summer of 2023 will bring big news to the Intech world. News related to many areas of those in which we operate: from communication to logistics, from price lists to stock management.

The first one implemented these days is the introduction of WeBUY, a system to collect proposals and applications from potential Intech suppliers by evaluating them efficiently and rationally.

The creation of a structured system for supplier recruitment became necessary in light of the volumes achieved by the companies composing the Intech Network. For several years, our buyers have scoured every corner of the world in order to identify the most reliable suppliers and the best business partners to ensure uninterrupted and beneficial service for our customers.
This effort has led to the development of a supply network scattered across three continents consisting of thousands of partners, but also to untangling countless new partnership proposals that have arrived through different channels, sometimes incomplete or inconsistent.

Thanks to WeBUY, we will be able to give each proposal the attention it deserves, identify professionals and one-hit wonders in a timely manner, and effectively manage enrollment procedures.

If you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or supplier, feel you have some pluses to offer in terms of brands, conditions, stocks, or deliveries, and would like to start a collaboration with an authoritative business with over thirty years of history and a global supply network, we invite you to fill out the form on the following page:


Proposals will be evaluated by the team led by Senior Buyer Andrea Macavero and, in case of interest, all the steps to enroll you in the Intech Network’s partners fleet will start shortly.

So, show off the best you have to offer – we buy.