Over the past few months, Intech Automazione has chosen to “systematize” products’ transcoding. It is in fact a practice that, over the years, our customers asked us on several occasions. A practice that in the end has often represented a real lifeline or brought a significant competitive advantage for us and our customers.

We are talking about the offer of equivalent products in terms of functionality, uses, characteristics, dimensions, etc. Equivalent to those with codes our customers requested. Those which, due to availability or price problems, do not meet the customer’s needs.


On the whole, transcoding is not possible for all products or all brands. Moreover, it is a practice with relatively low added value, and therefore not always overly beneficial. However, it is an additional service that benefits clients, and when it is possible it has proved to be an excellent tool to circumvent unfavorable purchase (and, therefore, sale) conditions and inadequate delivery times.

Thus, we invite interested customers to send us the codes of the products they are looking for and that they have difficulty finding at the required conditions. Our sales team would offer a range of quality alternatives, always from reliable brands and niche excellences, attached with data sheets, technical specifications, and delivery times.

We are proud to offer this service, which we trust will be extremely useful, both for our partners who operate in distribution – bound to tight deadlines and customers’ needs – and for end-users, focusing on functionality, reliability, and availability.