On the evening of Thursday, April 11, a group of representatives of Intech Automazione has been officially invited to visit the DHL hub at Orio Al Serio (BG) international airport.
Representing Intech Automazione, the visit was attended by the CEO, Giuseppe Ceresa, Lisa Marzorati of the Sales Department, and Stefano Ardizzone, Logistics Manager.

The meeting has been organized to allow the major DHL customers to learn more about the facilities and the procedures of the company – one of the world’s leaders in shipping logistics – and took place expressly in the evening in order to allow participants to observe the structures in their operational phases.

The meeting started with a presentation of the company, to then get to the heart with a visit to the customs and import-export offices and, subsequently, to the warehouse, where the participants have been offered a live view of the parcels’ sorting procedures.

Intech team inside the planeLast stop: the inside of one of the planes composing the vast DHL fleet, with specially designed equipment, set up specifically for freight transport. Accompanying the guests was Alessia Bardoli, DHL sales representative for Intech Automazione.

Giuseppe Ceresa commented: “What we have with DHL is a multi-year collaboration, which over the years has allowed us to better meet our needs in terms of shipping and import & export, with proficiency, speed, and precision. The organization of the Orio al Serio hub, one of the biggest within the DHL network, gives an idea of ​​corporate grandeur and stability, and the company’s significant investments for continuous services improvement are evident. I’m glad about this visit which has furtherly reaffirmed mutual trust by strengthening the collaboration between our two companies. “

Lisa Marzorati and Stefano Ardizzone – who had the chance to directly check the methods and operational processes of their counterparts within the shipping company – stated that they have been pleasantly impressed by “how all procedures are managed efficiently and quickly, guaranteeing at the same time maximum accuracy. We are very familiar with this way of working and in DHL we have found, on a way larger scale, Intech’s attention, and dedication. This gave us confidence and made us proud.”