Starting today, the leading company of the Intech Network, Intech Automazione, will sport the prestigious collective label “Lake Como – A world within a world.”
After years of international activity and success, we have indeed chosen to enhance our more than 30-year presence in the territory and the resulting contribution to the socio-economic fabric of an area that is particularly well-known and loved throughout the world.

The Lake Como brand is the unifying symbol of a territorial soul that presents itself to the market in a single image evocative of universally recognized beauty and quality: we have been on the shores of this lake since 1989, and even though our activities have taken us to plow much more extensive, deep and distant waters, we gladly accept to associate ourselves with a symbol of industriousness and beauty that reflects our traditions and the reality we live and work in.

lake como

A strong impetus to recognize and emphasize our territorial belonging and the prestigious trademark that sets us apart came from Intech Automazione CEO Eugenio Bonaffini, who was appointed in 2022 and has a deep connection to the city of Como, its lake and its beauty.

It is our land,” explains Bonaffini, “and it is at the same time one of the most prestigious and celebrated areas in Europe and perhaps in the world, among the few able to immediately communicate to people all over the world a series of positive and rewarding values: there are breathtaking views, glimpses of paradise but also an hard-working, tireless and rich territory, which has always been one of the economic drivers of our country. All of this is part of our DNA and has helped shaping our way to do business – we are proud to sport this brand.”



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