Increase exposure, increase our online resources reach, and being able to get in touch with more and more potential customers: these are the simple rules we follow in our marketing approach, backing our sales team up in their efficient and assiduous trading activities.

wlw.deWe believe in invisibility, but we focus on quality instead of quantity, knowing that our target audience is made up of skilled professionals that look for competent interlocutors, capable to understand and effectively address their needs. To do so, they rely on trusted and respected resources, such as the German website Wer liefert Was (Who provides what –, an authoritative B2B online platform that connects companies operating in the DACH region, presenting clear descriptions of products, services, and corporates’ assets.

By visiting our profile, you’ll find information about the company (In German and English), a shortlist of best-selling products, our updated company profile, and all the links you need to get in touch with Intech Automazione.
We’ll keep it updated by adding products and pictures, stay tuned!