In our commercial approach, we have always tried to be unrestrained and “mobile”. For many of the brands we deal with (thousands) we, deliberately, have never requested the status of official distributors. We know the market’s rules, and we think that to always respond effectively and promptly to the needs of our customers, we can be more competitive and find the best products at the most advantageous conditions without being subject to exclusivity constraints.

However, there are many cases in which, with authoritative companies with which we have been collaborating for years, relationships of particular trust and respect are established, strengthened by the encouraging results achieved together, leading to the definition of more solid and binding agreements.

In terms of time, the latest example is that of Camlogic, an Italian company with over half a century of history as a leader in the production of rotary propeller level indicators for solid materials and liquid substances.

In 2021, we “formalized our relationship”, obtaining the status of authorized reseller.

This allows us to interact more quickly with the manufacturer, have all documentation and technical specifications promptly available, take advantage of significant discounts, and leverage on a preferential channel of communication with relevant functions.

Starting in 2020, Camlogic has implemented significant upgrades in process management, with the development of a B2B platform and further expansion of the level indicator range, with the launch of new devices increasingly efficient and versatile. State-of-the-art equipment for a myriad of applications and industries that will often be the subject of promotions and offers. Stay tuned!

Camlogic Intech