intech and gefrancompany_what_we_do_stabilimento_2-834c17e1ca92821f093de607a8d78f7901dbdc77a73d97230594cf0f66e85985Intech and Gefran have a solid and lasting collaborative partnership, which has been confirmed and strengthened during the meeting with the Authorized Distributors, held on Friday 23 March at the Gefran plant in Provaglio d’Iseo (BS).

Constantly committed to coping with fierce competition, Gefran succeeded in gaining a leading market position thanks to the high degree of technological innovation and the diversified offer, capable of meeting the different needs related to industrial manufacturing.

Similarly to Intech, in 2017 the company recorded an exponential growth rate, confirming the extremely positive trend in the first quarter of 2018.

During the event, Enzo Privitera, Gefran Sales Director Italy, explained the latest innovations implemented by Gefran and the main features of the new products, state-of-the-art in terms of sensor and process control technologies.

Giuseppe Ceresa, Intech Automazione CEO, attended the event, highlighting that “This kind of events are useful and interesting in order to be constantly updated on the competitive scenario and the sector’s commercial dynamics. Thinking of Gefran, a historical brand in Intech Automazione’s offering, having the chance to observe each step of their vigorous growth path it’s particularly inspiring. As for us, the lasting trust relationship between our companies – reaffirmed today – represents an important indication of the operating procedures to be followed and a tangible demonstration of our reliability as an authorized dealer.