Over the last year, the Intech 4 sales team has been enriched with new valuable resources: let’s make a proper introduction

Intech 4’s is, almost from its very inception, a success story. As Riccardo Rusconi, a former longtime salesman for Intech Automation and since 2018 sales director of Intech 4, recalls:

intech 4 sales team - riccardo rusconi“When we started to create the independent companies that make up the Intech Network, while looking at the Middle Eastern area it seemed obvious to us to build the foundations for success starting from the expertise gathered in the oil & gas sector as well as from the trust gained among various key players in the industry. The choice of venue was almost natural: Dubai represents a world-leading business hub and offers a dynamic and receptive environment in which to bring out the most valuable commercial and corporate’s skills. Since the early stages of Intech 4, we identified contractors and engineering companies as our privileged interlocutors, and they were soon joined by a series of specialized distributors and system integrators with whom Intech Automazione had already built fruitful collaborations over the years.”

A strategy that has paid off, making it necessary over time to find a new site, add new space for the logistical management of ever-increasing volumes, and the introduction of new resources, competent and strong in familiarity with the sector and the geographical area of reference – also and especially in relation to a pool of interlocutors characterized by significant technical know-how.

intech 4 sales team - tushar joshi

After a physiological run-in phase and some turnover, in January 2022 Intech 4 hired Mr. Tushar Joshi, appointed as Sales Manager.

Strong-willed and proactive, Joshi has gained international experience in business development and has worked, from the very first moment in Intech 4, to consolidate the customer base and the company’s entire apparatus.

intech 4 sales team - mohamed moonis

In May, it was the turn of Mr. Mohamed Moonis, who was hired as a Sales Engineer.

Moonis has a strong science-technology background, many years of experience in the field of automation, and a strong focus on marketing.


The two new hires, already seasoned professionals, are assisting manager Rusconi in ferrying Intech 4 to success, developing a dense network of contacts and potential partners, and, from a commercial point of view, focusing on the one hand on the support for procurement processes, on the other hand on the development of complete ‘product packages’.

Taking up again Rusconi’s words, in relation to the challenging and rewarding business conducted by him and his team in the UAE, it is “an exciting and complex scenario, which requires constant updating and strong adaptability: the kind of challenge that we like best!