During the COP 22 – the 22nd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that just took place in Marrakesh, Morocco – Schneider Electric introduced Hoyama, the new portable solar power system especially developed for addressing the needs of people living in African and Asian rural areas, with no access to the energy supply network.

Schneider Electric
Homaya Solar Home System has been designed in order to provide a sturdy, sustainable and cost-effective source of energy, with features that make it suitable for extremely hot and humid environments.

Homaya is made by solar panels, an integrated battery and three or four lamps.

The long cycle life lithium iron phosphate battery supplies energy to the lamps as well as to other domestic small appliances such as radios, fans and TVs.

The cost for Homaya Solar Home System will be around one hundred dollars. In order to address the challenges related to the purchase and supply of the products to the targeted customers – usually, low-income people living in remote areas – Schneider Electric is establishing partnerships with various stakeholders, from global distributors to local companies and micro-financial institutions.

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