Quick updates about health protections adopted within Intech Automazione.  The company wishes to inform all its interlocutors that, even in the current dramatic health contingency, the work of the company, as well as the companies composing the Intech Network, has never stopped and will not stop.

Intech Automazione’s activities have been included among those of primary importance for the economic fabric of our country, and therefore, while scrupulously following the prescriptions of the national and international authorities and assuring all the necessary health protections for our staff, we are carrying on with our job.

Now the lockdown is almost global, but from the very moment we started to face the closures of many of our suppliers in Europe, we resorted to the many alternative supply channels already in place, to guarantee the supplies at the usual conditions.

These many supply channels all over the world are the strength of the Intech Network and a powerful contribution offered by the companies composing it, each one which is increasingly respected and interconnected.

Therefore, Intech Automazione is still able to satisfy the demand for products by the brands we normally deal with, and we are committed to guaranteeing proper time frames.

The current health situation is worrying and, perhaps, still far from a resolution: what we can do is to keep the business going, to avoid an even more dramatic impact on our lives in the future.

We trust our partners will understand the reasons for our choices and would want to follow us in keeping a small light on in this moment, which is so dark for the market as well.