Our CEO Giuseppe Ceresa, who led the company for 33 years, is leaving the operational role within the Intech Network.


Giuseppe Ceresa, already a skilled and experienced salesman specializing in industrial automation, founded Intech Automazione together with Paolo Pirota back in 1989. Since then, they have led and raised together a small local business that, over the years, has grown to become an international trading group with several subsidiaries around the world.
It is to one of these subsidiaries – the firstborn, Intech 2,  based in Sofia, Bulgaria – that Giuseppe Ceresa will continue to devote his energies as General Manager.

Taking over Ceresa’s administrative duties and responsibilities within Intech Automazione will come, as of September 1, Eugenio Bonaffini, already a longtime financial advisor of the company, while Paolo Pirota will take over the role of Managing Director and Head of Intech Automazione, assisted by Giuseppe Cetti, already the dean of Intech’s sales team.

giuseppe ceresaWe are just days away from an important change in our company. As of September 1, I will no longer be the company’s administrator and will pass the baton to another person.


I thank you for all the years we have been working together – we have changed many ways of working and we have shared a lot – for the friendliness with which we have approached our work, and for the results we have achieved together.


Looking to the future, I wish you good work and good luck.


With his sociability, witty nature, straight-talking, and love of life, Giuseppe has always been the heart of Intech Automazione and contributed significantly to the family atmosphere and frank relationships that have always characterized the company.

We welcome Eugenio Bonaffini into the ranks of Intech’s “operatives” and wish Giuseppe Ceresa the best in enjoying the time he has gained, to devote himself to his passions – starting with travels and orienteering, for which he is a local benchmark – at a sustainable pace and with serenity.

Ciao, Beppe!


Over the years, Giuseppe has been the public face of Intech at official events and the heart of the company’s charitable and CSR activities:

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