Davide Brambilla is one of the pillars of Intech’s purchasing department, holding the company’s customer-facing role.

BrambillaBrambilla works for Intech Automazione since 2015. He started from the logistic department, an area in which he gained familiarity with the umpteen products we buy and sell and with the operational phases of our commercial procedure.

After that, he moved to the purchasing department, where he joined an experienced team composed of Nicoletta Orio and Antonella Sala, with the twofold role of the contact person for certain brands and responsible for the company’s customer service.

To interact with customers (and, when needed, suppliers and distributors) in an effective and timely manner, Mr. Brambilla is involved in many different steps of the trading process, supervising the purchasing procedure and registering the deliveries that pass daily through our offices.

Davide has the delicate task of handling claims and complaints, a task for which he has developed specific skills, improving at the same time two of his innate qualities: education (which is, in Robert Frost’s acceptation, “the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence”) and mental alertness.

In a structured commercial process involving many different players, the ability to identify the junction that didn’t work properly – without mistakes nor further delays – it’s crucial. That’s why Davide and the rest of the team are constantly committed to “greasing” the communication channels with all the company’s stakeholders, as well as with Intech’s large and motley sales team.

Next time you’ll do business with us, feel secure in the knowledge that there are people like Davide (and the rest of the crew, operating upstream), who dedicate energies and passion to the management of your request, to ensure that every step of the transaction will take place in the best possible way.