Created at the end of summer 2022, Intech 2 marketing organization is gaining new resources and becoming an increasingly solid structure, capable of assisting the commercial activities of the Sofia-based company and supporting the entire Network’s business, leveraging the fresh energy and the overall dynamism of a growing country like Bulgaria.

intech 2 marketing

From left to right: Raha Mir Mohammadi, Elka Kaneva, Nikolai Kotov, Giuseppe Ceresa and Mattia Negretti

After the coordinator appointment, Nikolai Kotov, who assisted the general manager Giuseppe Ceresa in setting up and starting work in the new office, the staff selection phase rolled up. For several weeks Kotov engaged in a tight series of interviews and ‘road tests’ , leading to the identification of an Alfa team, which immediately set to work with great success.
Due to the physiological features of the local labor market, which is far from stagnant, these weeks saw a few changes in personnel, until the current team was defined, consisting of Kotov himself, Elga Kaneva, and the newly hired Raha Mir Mohammadi.

Last week, the team received a visit from Mattia Negretti, Intech Automazione’s CRM Manager. Negretti, a long-standing collaborator and the ultimate repository of all the know-how on Network procedures – front and back-end – has also been tutoring and training new hires in the marketing area for some time now. He went in fact to Sofia to facilitate the business and assist Giuseppe Ceresa in finalizing the latest operational procedures, including hiring Ms. Mohammadi, thus consolidating the close working relationship between the headquarters and the Bulgarian subsidiary.

We welcome this further strengthening of Intech 2’s marketing structure and wish our colleagues all the best in their work – добра работа, приятели!

New resources for Intech 2