Hengstler is truly one of our most “historical” brands. In Intech, we are indeed proud of the extension of our offer, of the number of brands we deal with, as well as of our ability to supply any item.

However, we are equally proud of the trustworthy relationships we have established with leading players in the industries in which we operate. Leaders such as Hengstler, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial components for counting and control applications.

Therefore, we decided to leverage our position. As authorized distributors of Hengstler products and because of the preferential relationship we have with the manufacturer, which allows us to offer particularly advantageous conditions, we recently started a series of targeted promotions on specific products.

Currently, we are strongly focusing on consumer products such as the latest generation counters: Colibri 490 and DC Hour Meter 636.

In the end, the applications of these items are innumerable, and both types of products have features that make them extremely appealing.

Below, a brief overview of the specifications of both. Additionally, by clicking on the pictures in the post you can also view the official materials issued by the manufacturer.



Colibri 490 – Value Proposition

Colibri 490

Everything in view, at all times
Quick to install and maintenance-free
Flawless mechanical counting
Well protected housing

Overview on Hengstler Counters

Hour Meter DC636

Allows users to measure the usage time
Ideal for application in limited space
Perfect replacement for Honeywell’s best-selling Hour Meter (now discontinued)