A tool to view and show complete price lists and individual item’s prices.


Fastprice is a tool for distributors, suppliers and customers we have developed to speed up the request and offer procedures and to find in the quickest possible time the better prices for the needed items.

It is a platform that Intech makes available to its interlocutors, to showcase the pricelists of the brands they sell as well as to provide them the best quotations for the items they want to buy.

It shows the pricelists of our suppliers and other commercial partners – by entering the code of the needed item in the search field, Fastprice will display in real time the most convenient price for said item.

*The service is not available for U.S. customers. Sorry, guys.*

Fastprice offers the features of the most popular e-commerce portals.

Once logged in, you can select all the products you are interested in – by different manufacturers and from different price lists as well 

After selecting the item, you can add them to the cart and select other products or go to the CART page and follow one of the available options: proceed with the order or ask for further information.


If you want to start consulting Fastprice to check pricelists and single items’ prices, conctact us. We will send you your access credentials without obligation.

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