The year is coming to an end and, even if apart from Christmas Day and St. Stephan our company’s activities won’t stop, it’s time for some reflections and a brief appraisal on these months.

For Intech Automazione, 2017 has been an extremely dynamic, rich and complex year. This year, we reached +15% in sales as an annual average; we have continued the growth trend started some years ago and we intend to exploit the momentum to continue expanding in 2018, consolidating our presence in established markets and continuing penetrate the emerging marketsSONY DSC.

SONY DSCThe growth of 2017 has recorded solid rates and, sometimes, sudden changes in speed – these factors have made necessary the implementation of structural adjustments and the definition, for the future, of a more sustainable model that allows us to better face the changes in the work volumes and paces.

At the beginning of the year, we made an adjustment in our offer and we entered into new market segments. New fields and products sectors we are learning to know and to manage effectively, thanks to the efforts of our team of buyer, committed and ready to learn “new languages”.

During the year, we allocated financial resources aimed to enhance each department of the company and we invested in human resources. We upgraded Intech Store, our online shop for the handling of surplus and phased-out products, we established a new Customer Care Department, entirely dedicated to the handling of our stakeholders’ claims, complaints and concerns. Our commercial team is getting more and more diverse and heterogeneous, and it recently gained new elements, especially focused on China, one of the most stimulating and fruitful markets we deal with.Intech magazine2

In 2017, we also developed a greater awareness of our role and our responsibilities towards our people and That led us to the introduction of a new code of ethics, consistent with the industry standards, in order to be more and more a socially responsible company that complies with the most stringent requirements regulating business, nationally and internationally.

Lastly, this year we have implemented new communication projects and tools, launching, at the beginning of December, the first issue of “Let’s get In Tech”, our brand new magazine featuring industry-related news and updates on Intech’s activities.

2018 promises to be interesting and challenging – we will be there!

A sincere wish for a happy 2018, from  all the people of Intech Automazione.