Honeywell, like many others among industry and technology top players, has chosen to devote part of its activities to the development and the manufacturing of solutions designed to stem and contrast the impact of the coronavirus, in order to facilitate the return to normality for people and businesses.

honeywell hand sanitizer

The technology giant based in Charlotte, NC, has in fact repurposed some plants, such as the one in Phoenix, Arizona, or Smithfield, Rhode Island, to produce N95 masks, among the most advanced and suitable for protection from the virus (N stands for Non-oil, i.e. the masks are able to block any non-oily particulate, while 95 represents the percentage of effectiveness, 95%, not absolute but among the highest).

In addition to the extra production of masks, Honeywell has also destined two of its chemical production plants, one in Michigan and one in Germany, to the production of hand sanitizing gel, another essential aid in great demand in this period.

Alongside these “consumable” products, Honeywell has developed an A.I.-driven digital system, able to detect body temperature and if you are wearing the necessary protective equipment. ThermoRebellion solutions – launched on May, 12 – are therefore capable, through algorithms, to conduct a non-invasive, preliminary screening of personnel entering a facility.


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