The cooperation – already in place for a few months and beneficial to both parties – between intech Automazione and Econex, whose products will enrich our company’s product line, has been made official.

econexEconex is an Italian company with over 40 years of track record in the field of industrial and domestic gas combustion, as well as in the research and development of HVAC products, such as actuators, valve actuators, and valves.


Econex products’ main features are the high flexibility and adaptability to the different needs of extremely heterogeneous production areas.

Intech Automazione has already successfully dealt with Econex products and, thanks to the trust established between the two companies, is now able to offer particularly advantageous purchase conditions and ad hoc price lists.

We invite all our interlocutors interested in this wide range of products to contact your reference salesman to test our conditions on the brand.