In several areas of the world, the use of wind energy has seen significant growth in recent years. Similar to other extremely effective and rational technologies, after a first phase of “large scale” application, many have bet on the effectiveness of the domestic application, or at least on the usage on a smaller scale.

Therefore, as for the photovoltaic panels, “miniature” models, i.e. small wind turbines, with a height of fewer than 30 meters, able to exploit lower wind forces than those required for the handling of the current large turbines, have begun to appear.


Duplomatic’s latest electromechanical cylinders

Among the Italian companies that chose to bet on Small Wind Turbine systems, there is Tozzi Nord, which has in turn identified Duplomatic Oleodinamica as the ideal partner for the development of the new devices.

These devices must be able to face different challenges compared to their predecessors, given that in this case, the purpose is to achieve a sustainable balance – maximizing energy efficiency while avoiding an overload or possible damage to the equipment.

A goal that can be reached thanks to the electromechanical actuators developed by Duplomatic, intended for the pitch control of 20kW turbines.

For this purpose, the company has developed ad hoc products, such as a cylinder with a compact gear-motor, capable of achieving the required performance.

Soon, the small wind turbine technology will most likely be an interesting and profitable area, crucial in contributing to meet the need for power even at a domestic and private level. Duplomatic already seems well-positioned.