A new donation by Intech Automazione. In our activity, we have always dealt with products that are extremely different in terms of type, size, functionality, and technology. Sometimes we are dealing with infinitesimal components of complex systems, other times with single devices intended for autonomous use, or several practical applications.

Inevitably, over time, surpluses accumulate: when they are not whole batches, sold through Intech Store, they are small quantities of items leftover from previous orders and other surpluses for which it is unnecessary or not always possible to start a standard commercial procedure.
High-tech products that are indeed made by the world’s leading manufacturers, very often at the state of the art of industrial technology.

Hence, we felt the need to finally optimize these items and, at the same time, strengthen the virtuous link with the territory on which we operate and live. Thus, in March, Intech management has chosen to allocate a large part of these stocks to the electronic technical schools belonging to the Enfapi network.  Enfapi is an association aimed at providing training services in the technical field – in the area where the company headquarters are located.


Therefore, we donated to the high school students of the province of Como batches of items containing many items. For example, photocells, temperature probes, humidity sensors, humidity/temperature control instruments, electric motors, drives for motors (inverters), and terminals for electrical wiring in the panel, to deepen and touch the instruments currently in use in production facilities around the world.
Students and school managements thank and Intech confirms its responsible and active approach on the territory: another small success which we are proud of.