The issue of raw material shortages – and the consequent delays in upstream deliveries by the very manufacturers – has been holding sway for some time now throughout the industrial supply sector – of course, not only in this sector but let’s focus on our field. For several months, many manufacturers have taken several steps to address this crucial issue.

In our work, bound by the orders we receive from our partners, we are trying to orient our purchases towards brands and products on which we can guarantee certain delivery times.
We have also activated the transcoding service to offer alternatives equivalent to the codes required by brands for which we can offer better guarantees.

In particular, we are obtaining excellent results with the products of one of our long-standing partners, with whom we have official distribution agreements: Hengstler.
A leader in industrial components, the german company guarantees real delivery times for its products and fast and accurate transcoding services.

Within the Hengstler portfolio, our best-sellers are rotary encoders (absolute, incremental, profinet,…), proximity sensors, and relays.

hengstler encoder - intech networkTherefore, in the galaxy of hi-level brands and products we distribute, we wish to point out to our interlocutors Hengstler products, which can boast this significant added value related to availability and delivery times.

hengstler relays - intech network
We invite all industry professionals interested in sensors and electronic components for the industry to contact the relevant sales manager and ask for more information about the options related to our offer for Hengstler.