The dramatic and unprecedented health issues experienced in 2020, with the global spread of Covid-19 and its catastrophic consequences, have prompted us to think about our work and the responsibilities of our company.


In exercise of our activities, recognized as of primary importance for the economy, we have never stopped: by leveraging this advantage, we have decided to contribute to the widespread circulation of medical and diagnostic equipment, creating an ad hoc portfolio – aimed at healthcare professionals as well as at citizens – including all the medical-scientific equipment necessary to identify, control and counter the symptoms of the disease and stem its impact on the world population in the shortest possible time.


So, facing the pandemic of Covid-19, along with the traditional sale of industrial automation products Intech Automazione is now focusing on the distribution of medical and sanitizing equipment and devices.


Since we started dealing with devices and items for this sector, some weeks ago, the most requested and sold product categories have been

  • lung ventilators
  • infrared thermometers
  • steam / ozone sanitizers
  • personal protection equipment and social distancing aids (sanitary masks, suits, visors and glasses, protective barriers)

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The heroes of this pandemic are in the front row, working in hospitals and on the streets – we do our small part, supporting and facilitating the circulation of treatment and care aids and safety equipment, adapting our business to contingent needs.