ABB and Schneider Electric, two of the prominent names in the industrial automation world, have chosen to give their contribution to society and health institutions for support in the fight against coronavirus.

From the end of March and throughout 2020, ABB is been waiving the share of new subscriptions for iUPSGuard software intended for hospitals and of those for ABB Ability Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) functionalities.

In addition, on the ABB Ability Marketplace, the company has made available free of charge a series of solutions designed to improve the safety of companies and improve operational efficiency through remote monitoring of critical plants, minimizing the workforce required on site.

Meanwhile, Schneider Electric is carrying on its collaboration with public schools, with initiatives aimed at supporting remote learning and teaching with digital content and training opportunities.

The company makes available to technical institutes students, through a cloud storage platform, materials such as presentations, videos, recorded lessons, exercises proposals, and testimonials on topics such as Industry 4.0, energy efficiency, and intelligent electrical design, together with many actual technological cases that teachers can use for the construction of distance lessons.


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