Apart from the very high-quality sensors with performance and characteristics similar to the most famous competitors, what is the strength of Camlogic?
In recent months, the difficulties in the procurement of raw materials are impacting most businesses globally, and the consequent slowdown in international supplies is an almost generalized condition.

Having timely identified this trend, some companies have however chosen to bet on certain sales volumes and – by taking a “calculated” risk – have previously purchased surplus materials to guarantee a seamless production in the long term too, even in the event of shortage or interruptions in supplies.


It is the case of Camlogic, the Italian manufacturer of detection sensors of which Intech Automazione is the official distributor. The company, with far-sightedness, has crowded its warehouse and can now supply its products with reduced and guaranteed delivery times.

Camlogic SMD20FG

Camlogic products are perfect counterparts of many popular products by major manufacturers – for deliveries of which there are currently slowdowns – configurable and state-of-the-art in terms of performance and technology.


We invite our customers looking for measurement systems and level indicators in strict timeframes to contact us to test these products and the related purchase and delivery conditions.