Devices, tools, components and all the items required for manufacturing activities. We can supply virtually any product, from a boundless range of manufacturers and suppliers, at the best available price.



Our business focuses on providing our clients with a wide variety of renowned brands in the industrial automation industry while our committed sales and purchasing team is constantly sourcing for the best commercial conditions. 

Multibrand industrial automation products in our inventory and within our distribution include sensors, process control transducers, position transducers, safety products, drives, digital instruments, interface modules, controllers, electric motors, and software.


Hydraulics uses incompressible liquids and the advantages of these products are related to the fact they are heavy duty, in order to endure high pressure, and have high power density.



Efficiency and effectiveness is the emphasis in what we do, and we provide consolidated shipment as an option and strategy to decrease delivery costs and to help our clients stock up on various brands of industrial automation products all at once to help diversify their product mix.


Robotics is a branch of engineering focused on the development of programmable machines – robots – that can perform a series of tasks on behalf of human beings. Robots can be used for any purposes: industrial robots are employed for manufacturing and they typically move on two or more axis.

There are different kind of industrial robots – in our business we focus on four main categories: Cartesian robots, SCARA, parallel and pick-and-place robots.  Besides these machines, we sell accessories and components for robotics.



Laboratories are facilities in which research and experiments are conducted under controlled conditions.

In the industrial sector, laboratories are the places in which R&D activities are performed and they usually represent the most scientifically advanced areas of each plant.

Lab activities usually require a number of specific and reliable tools and instruments – in our business we focus on the tools for metrology, chemical analysis, lab inspections and monitoring.


For Instrumentation we mean measuring instruments – usually portable – intended for industrial use. Measuring instruments are devices for measure a physical quantity – e.g., time, mass, temperature, flux or amount of energy, etc.

Across the industrial sector, a vast range of instruments is used to perfom the measurements.

The categories of measuring instruments we deal the most are testers and instrumentation for electrical, acoustic, environmental and optical measurement.


The basic instrumentation for any manual activity, not only at industrial level: building, engineering, assembly, reparation, maintenance…

We sell any kind of working tool for industrial, mechanical and electrical applications.


Since the XIX century onwards, electricity has been essential for any industrial activity. As the years went by and the power consumption has become more and more massive, electricity cost and management have become crucial aspects: that necessitated the search for new sources of energy and the use of alternative resources. Therefore, the industrial sector, as well as civil society, began to focus on renewable sources – such as wind, water, sun and soil – and more effective devices for feeding production systems.

Within the energy sector, our company deals with products such as photovoltaic modules, engines-generators, UPS and industrial batteries.


Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that uses physics and materials science to design, produce and maintain mechanical systems.

It’s a broad field that pertains to every kind of manufacturing industry and ancompasses different kind of tools – basic components as well as advanced devices.

In this area, we focus on bearings, linear guides, transmission elements, jacks and lubricants.

bulky goods

Products and devices of big dimensions and encumbrance, often intended for heavy industry – e.g. heavy equipment, large machine tools, and large-scale infrastructures – united by the need for a solid dedicated logistic organization.

Our offer of bulky equipment is therefore extremely heterogeneous and includes hydraulic and pneumatic presses and pumps, industrial silos and generators, tanks, lubrication systems, and air conditioning systems, motors of various types, and tires of all sizes.