The Germany-based company has recently organized, in the city of Lemgo, a training seminar focused on Industry 4.0.
The seminar was addressed to engineering and manufacturing professionals, in order to give them practical information about the project and the implementation of the “Intelligent Pneumatics”.

industry-4-0Industry 4.0 is a program – strongly supported by Aventics and many other market leaders – which has been developed in 2011 within the hi-tech strategy defined by German government, with the purpose of putting into effect the projects developed in the smart factory environment. For doing so, Industry 4.0 implies a direct link between information technology and manufacturing processes, in order to boost efficiency and stimulate value creation.

Aventics has a long-standing commitment towards the innovation of pneumatics, working towards auto-optimization, auto-configuration and auto-diagnosis, with the overall purpose of bring forth a pneumatics capable of thinking and setting new standards for future’s industry.