2023 is an important year for the Intech Network, committed in implementing several innovations, necessary and organic to the constant growth trend.

A growth that requires new structures and resources, streamlining of procedures and a renewed focus on the features that have most significantly contributed to our success, starting with people.

Aware of the new dynamics of the automation market and of products for industry in general, which in the last three years has seen a switch in priorities, widely motivated by concerns about raw materials, availability and deliveries, we have once again chosen to focus on elasticity and the added value given by the interaction between people.Intech - thai

That’s why a new recruitment campaign has started, aimed at enriching the network’s sales team under the banner of multilingualism and multiculturalism, building on what we have learned in more than 30 years of activity: different countries and markets require different approaches and in-depth knowledge in both business and socio-anthropological terms.

intech network - viet
After the vital resources added to the foreign branch teams – from Bulgaria to Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates – Intech Automazione is now focused on finding personnel for the Italian office to manage (or to support senior sales managers) the Vietnamese, Philippine, Thai and Portuguese-speaking markets.Intech - Philippines

The world is big, rich and diverse – for years, perhaps short-sighted by the undeniable benefits of globalization, in our part of the world, we have looked at it as increasingly uniform and one-directional. Many recent phenomena – some unprecedented, some cyclical – have shown this view to be significantly flawed and counterproductive.


In our own small way, we at Intech have always recognized and exploited the richness of diversity to our advantage: we will not stop doing so now and, indeed, in keeping with our lifelong approach, we will raise the stakes.